PacTec EPS Ltd
Buttermere Pavilion, Ingwell Drive , Westlakes Science and Technology Park, Moor Row, Whitehaven, Cumbria, CA24 3JZ
Telephone: 01946 695005

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PacTec EPS Ltd


PacTec designs and provides safe, innovative, cost effective ,regulatory compliant IP1 and IP2 certified flexible packaging systems for containment, transportation and storage to the nuclear, oil & gas and other hazardous waste sectors.

PacTec EPS Ltd is a UK company, borne out of PacTec Inc from the US which has been supporting the decommissioning of the US nuclear legacy sites and facilities for over 20 years. The company is also involved in oil and gas waste management and various waste, water and sludge management operations.

We are currently supporting the NDA estate sites, in the decommissioning and remediation of legacy sites and facilities at RSRL, DSRL, LLWR, Magnox sites, and Sellafield. Other UK clients include ACB, AWE, BNS, Doosan Power, Augean, Nuvia, EDF Energy, Talisman Energy.

PacTec EPS Limited is proud to be a winner in the BECBC Business Awards 2012 category for Business Innovation and a winner in the NDA Supply Chain Awards in  2013.

 Mike Nichols (Managing Director) and Liz Bowe (Business Development Manager) are active networkers and contributors to BECBC members’ meetings

Liz is a Director of the BECBC , a member of the NDA SME Cumbria Steering Group and the Group Lead of the BECBC Sector Group. Nuclear Decommissioning and Waste (including Storage)


For further information contact: Mike Nichols and Liz Bowe


We provide waste packaging solutions to facilitate the containment  transportation and disposal of various waste streams requiring regulatory compliant certified packaging, which is safe, cost effective and meets with sustainable and environmental requirements.

Our systems include engineered multi-layered flexible bags that are certified to IP1 and IP2 that are underpinned by  quality assurance.

We  manufacture and supply filtration and spill containment systems.

Benefits of a PacTec Flexible Packaging:

• Regulatory compliant underpinned by QA Certificates of Conformity

• Provides improved contamination management and control

• Increased packaging efficiency

• Reduction in operator exposure to hazardous wastes

• Significant cost savings against comparable container systems (usually ridged containers)

• Innovative and sustainable

• Reduced storage requirements, packages are palletised.

• Package capacity/dimensions easily modified to meet individual requirements

• Provides an improved environmentally acceptable option for disposal








We can provide independent approved safety case documentation to meet UK regulatory requirements and independent RPA, Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG) support. 

With our extensive expertise in the UK nuclear sector we can provide support to both operational and engineering levels to ensure safe and bespoke packaging solutions are provided, which distinguishes PacTec as a company that has the capability to go ‘the extra mile’ in sharing our clients’ commitment to provide sustainable, cost effective solutions.

We're here looking for:

Networking through the local supply chain is a priority for PacTec as we continue to develop and grow the busines. The connections and relationships built with BECBC members are invaluable in ensuring that we are able to  respond effectively to our clients needs. Our relationship with BECBC has proved invaluable as a platform from which to launch and develop our services. We continue our membership to find and establish collaborative partners for work in West Cumbria and further afield.

PacTec are pleased to be part of a business community that collectively and individually pursues excellence.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Liz Bowe

Telephone: 01946 695005


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