RadPro Solutions
Percy Hill, Wilton, Cumbria, CA7 8PJ
Telephone: 07880 736474

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RadPro Solutions


RadPro Solutions is a small Independent Radiation Protection Company based here in West Cumbria, with over 25 years’ UK wide experience in the nuclear industry.

Building up a good reputation at being trustworthy and committed to delivering quality safely, whilst complying with the Ionising Radiation Regulations 1999.   


As an accredited Independent Radiation Protection Adviser, I have worked with world-class teams offering consultancy, surveying, remediation, and decommissioning services to some of the UK’s biggest brands on most major Nuclear Licensed Sites.

Providing RP advice to a wide range of radiation clients, including users of unsealed/sealed radioactive sources and electrically generated X-rays.

Ensuring through compliance audits that all aspects of IRR99 and EPR11 are covered. I can check, test, evaluate and endorse radioactive sources/systems.

Delivering training courses here in West Cumbria for employees/employers, from Foundation Radiation Awareness Courses up to Radiation Protection Supervisory level.

Where to find us

Contact Name: Kerry Crossingham, Radiation Protection Adviser

Telephone: 07880 736474


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