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Shareplant Marketplace is a service that connects equipment owners directly to hirers so that they can rent construction equipment to each other when it would be otherwise be sitting idle – maximising utilisation and profit.  

Equipment owners can join and list any type equipment for free, whilst hirers can join to find nearby self drive or operated specialist equipment to rent in seconds!


Built for Contractors by Contractors:

We have over 30 years of construction experience on major construction projects throughout the UK.  Over the years, our team regularly experienced poor equipment utilisation and difficulty in finding the equipment we needed at the right time, in the right place for the right price.

An opportunity was identified for plant owners to earn additional income through increased utilisation of their equipment and for construction companies to find specialist equipment quickly where they need it directly from the owners.  

That's how Shareplant was created - it was built for contractors by contractors.  We simply developed a tool to allow people to collaborate and find each other to rent plant to and from each other.


The Sharing Economy:

This new way of thinking is based on the ‘Sharing Economy’, which is based on two concepts:

1. The assets we own aren’t used all of the time.
2. We don’t need to own everything – we can rent other people’s equipment.

The Sharing Economy is one of the fastest growing global business sectors.  Over the last ten years it has revolutionised the holiday space market (airbnb), the transport market (Uber) and the services market (TaskRabbit) to name but a few.  It is estimated that the sharing economy will grow exponentially over the next ten years. 

Within the UK Construction Industry utilisation is often as low as 30%. Shareplant is a revolutionary tool to allow opportunity for cost savings and income through collaboration.


Shareplant Toolbox
Smarter Construction Management

Our new affordable and flexible construction management application, putting you in full control from back office to site. Designed for construction businesss of all sizes, store & manage real time company data from any device.  

Where to find us

Contact Name: Mark Watters, Founder

Telephone: 07539 078229


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