TSP Engineering
Curwen Road, Derwent Howe, Workington, Cumbria, CA14 3YX
Telephone: 01900 68000 (main office line)
Telephone: 01900 842400 (direct line)

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TSP Engineering


TSP Engineering is an important award winning supplier to the nuclear sector and other key industries.  The company is known for building on its heritage in the steel industry to supply today’s clients with designs, fabrications and solutions that take our innovation and expertise and apply them to your business needs.

TSP Engineering provides most of what you’d expect with several things that you might not know about.  We offer a full range of services from consultancy, design and project management to manufacture and refurbishment along with electrical engineering, instrumentation and testing.

Key markets for our products and services include:

  • Nuclear
  • Defence and Security
  • Oil and Gas
  • Steelmaking
  • Construction

TSP Engineering is involved in the Fit 4 Nuclear programme to streamline procedures and ensure best practices.  We have recently been award Tier 1 membership of The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC).  The facilities, engineering skills and location are what make TSP Engineering a key supplier to the nuclear and defence industries. 


The facilities, engineering skills and location are what make TSP Engineering a key supplier to the nuclear and defence industries. 

Located on Britain’s Energy Coast at Workington and operating from one of the largest and most comprehensively equipped workshops in the UK, we employ over 220 people. With many years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing, we guarantee to deliver exacting standards of quality and excellent levels of service, operating to:-

  • BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015
  • BS EN ISO 3834 Part 2
  • BS EN ISO 1090 at execution level 4
  • ISO 14001 : 2015
  • GS3001
  • CQR (SLM 4.06.02 Issue 3)

We have a floor capacity of 19,200 m2, two five-meter deep manufacturing pits and a lifting capacity of 130 tonnes. 

These facilities give us the capabilities to handle some of the biggest engineering and steel fabrication projects in the UK and beyond.  Our Workington plant and the team at TSP Engineering are now recognised as far afield as Japan, elsewhere in Asia and across Europe


We offer design, fabrication, machining, fitting, assembly and testing facilities – the solution to your challenge from start to finish.

Our 220 employees (many of them second or even third generation in our organisation) have a wealth of experience as well as practical skills and the latest qualifications and understanding of our customer sectors.

TSP Engineering has been associated with steel fabrication for decades.  Our challenge now, as an independent subsidiary of the new British Steel, is to promote the broader range of services that we can provide to our clients, using the expertise and experience from our heritage to tackle some of the bigger projects facing our customers and their sectors.

We're here looking for:

Many people locally still think of us as Corus or Tata Steel.  Since 2015 we’ve been TSP and our re-branding as TSP Engineering is an indication of our new structure as an independent engineering subsidiary of the new British Steel.  We’re involved with BECBC to communicate those changes and make the companies in the local supply chain aware of the services that we offer and the unique facilities on their doorstep. 

We’re here looking for partners – clients, customers, suppliers – so that we can contribute to the success of major Cumbrian businesses and vitally important sectors in the decades to come.

Where to find us

Contact Name: John Coughlan, CEO

Telephone: 01900 68000 (main office line)

Telephone: 01900 842400 (direct line)


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