The Colourful North CIC
, Whitehaven,
Telephone: 01946 695470
Telephone: 07487 400296

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The Colourful North CIC


The Colourful North is committed to ensuring Innovation is the primary social issue of which West Cumbria is in desperate need of ensuring success. Innovation is a social need not just a business need.

As The Colourful North is dedicated to restoring and reversing economically deprived areas of our community through Colourful adaptions. We are also committed to ensuring the economic response in order to diverse from the Sellafield supply chain promoting economic, educational and artistic diversity which is widely desired.

Social issues soften with a colourful environment and Street Art is exactly how we ensure our environments are softened.

Please be sure to request a business plan if you feel you have something to contribute (Business plan is being finalised but we will add you to our list). I look forward to hearing from you.


We are capable of restoring peoples view of their local area by either reversing anti-social graffiti with colourful adaptions or commissioning professional murals in our high street which promote and restore the institutions of the local area which help promote pride and self-respect of our built environment which is targeted on Industrial, bland and un-inspiring buildings only.


Our Community service will encourage people of the local area to create in workshops which are then applied to undesirable areas. Our Professional Service is to commission high quality murals which promote and restore Whitehaven’s institutions (Rugby League, Mining, Mart-time, Sellafield, Hospital, Historical, etc. but to then diversify through other mural genres.

We're here looking for:

To promote The Colourful North so BECBC members can identify with our work, Inspire BECBC members into creating a positive home environment for their employees, prevent miss-understanding of The Colourful North. Looking to attract logistical support and to attract funding as we exist for charitable purposes.  

Contact Name: Matthew Labourne

Telephone: 01946 695470

Telephone: 07487 400296


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