Tom Crowe Procurement Solutions Limited
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Tom Crowe Procurement Solutions Limited


Tom Crowe Procurement Solutions is the 'brain child' of Tom Crowe, former Head of Procurement of one of the Nuclear Site Licence Companies (SLCs) based in the North of England. The organisation has been set up, in the Director's own words to 'Level the playing field' in the commercial and procurement arena.

Tom Crowe Procurement Solutions boasts the vast experience of it's creator who incorporated the business in 2018 to support the commercial and procurement needs of organisations of all shapes and sizes - from new entrants to established supply chain partners, from sole traders to multi-billion pound organisations. However, the key objective is to level the playing field for small and medium -sized companies and SME consortia who need additional support with the 'bid process'. The growing organisation offers a range of services to support businesses wishing to bid for contracts in any sector, category or industry. The organisation is based in West Cumbria, but able to support any customer globally. 

In an environment, where many of our competitors claim to understand and support your business needs, we will always focus on you as a business and provide the personal touch. We want to work with you at all levels from operational to strategic, depending on your requirements


Our aim is to Level the playing field in procurement by supporting your company in the art of public sector tendering. Using unique coaching techniques and training sessions, we give you the tools to strengthen your capabilities. In addition to that, we offer bespoke services around assurance checking of tender requirements and submissions.  

The core services of the business fall in to 4 key areas: 

1 - Bid Consultancy using a 5-point plan for success 

  1. Market review to identify key opportunities in your category/industry. We find “live” opportunities on the behalf of your organisation on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Any longer than a fortnightly update often results in missed opportunities 
  2. Reviewing a tender document to identify the expected key areas of focus of the contracting authority to improve the probability of your success in the bid process 
  3. Mid-tender review will provide direction and support where necessary to ensure key improvements are addressed 
  4. A suitable timescale will be adhered to, to allow for full review prior to submission. This will identify areas where improvement is needed the most whilst allowing sufficient time for modifications to be actioned prior to final submission changes  
  5. The final step addresses lesson learned. This vital stage addresses feedback. Through a workshop, it captures best practice and lessons learned for your reference to use on future tenders 

2 - Coaching and Training in various formats, in the comfort of your own premises or at a venue arranged by Tom Crowe Procurement Solutions 

  1. A half-day introduction course guarantees an understanding of the full tendering process, from the customers perspective, highlighting key elements that create the end-to-end process   
  2. A full-day course expands on the above with depth on how bid management works and how modelling the criteria can lead to a successful outcome
  3. A two-day course addresses the complexity of a bid process whilst providing key tools and techniques that are then applied in workshop format to strengthen overall understanding.
  4. Introduction to Public Sector Procurement explaining the practices and processes involved in both bidding and tendering for Public Sector opportunities.
  5. Introduction to Public Contract Regulations 2015 detailing an overview of the regulations as well as a comparison from previous iterations.

3 - Embedded support through an experienced commercial professional who can provide Commercial & Procurement support. 

4 - Subsidiary support to all other commercially outsourced requirements. The areas of expertise within the business currently cover: 

  1. Terms & Conditions support when entering into contract 
  2. Commercial process/procedure/standard support 
  3. Compliance checking 

We're here looking for:

As a strong advocate of the BECBC, we want to support each and every organisation in all their commercial requirements.

Contact Name: Tom Crowe, Director

Telephone: 07803 698987


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