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TSP Engineering

TSP Engineering is an important award winning supplier to the…

TSP Engineering is an important award winning supplier to the nuclear sector and other key industries. The company is known for building on its heritage in the steel industry to supply today’s clients with designs, fabrications and solutions that take our innovation and expertise and apply them to your business needs. TSP Engineering provides most of what you’d expect with several things that you might not know about. We offer a full range of services from consultancy, design and project management to manufacture and refurbishment along with electrical engineering, instrumentation and testing. Key markets for our products and services include: Nuclear Defence and Security Oil and Gas Steelmaking Construction TSP Engineering is involved in the Fit 4 Nuclear programme to streamline procedures and ensure best practices. We have recently been award Tier 1 membership of The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC). The facilities, engineering skills and location are what make TSP Engineering a key supplier to the nuclear and defence industries.

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