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Adamedia produce new documentary film to mark the cessation of Magnox Reprocessing at Sellafield.

On Thursday evening (29th Sept) the film ‘The Last Days of Magnox: Plant, People, Pride’ was screened to a specially invited audience at Rosehill Theatre in West Cumbria, receiving an enthusiastic response from past and present Magnox Repro team members.

Martin Chown, the host for the evening and Sellafield Ltd CEO, celebrated the themes of the film – the achievements of the people who have worked there, how proud they should be, and the world beating performance of the reprocessing plants. The film can now also be watched by members of the public who have a current or past link with Magnox – they are invited to book into one of the screenings at Rosehill via the link

Filming took place across 2022 to capture the people of Magnox and share their stories and memories, spanning many decades, some going back to the 70’s. The film also shows the cessation of operations within the plant and in particular the final rod feed of fuel, completing nearly 60 years of operations.

Adam Pearson, company director and lead on the production of the film, said “It has been a pleasure to produce a documentary of this nature to mark the cessation of the Magnox Repro plant. Working closely with the Sellafield communications team, we’ve enjoyed interviewing a broad range of employees from both the past and the present. We really hope this film captures the commitment and camaraderie that exists throughout Magnox, and that it enables others to get a glimpse of the incredible work that goes on within this normally inaccessible facility”.

Adamedia director Keith Pearson commented “It’s been a privilege leading the edit stage of the film as I also worked in the Magnox Repro plants at the start of my career at Sellafield in the 80’s, so it’s remarkable to have had the opportunity to connect again with the plants and the people 45 years later”.

Emma Law, Head of Corporate Communication for Sellafield Ltd, commissioned the film and was involved in production throughout, and said “This is a real celebration of everything achieved by the Magnox Repro family of people over 58 years and a fitting way to mark the end of reprocessing operations. I hope the film does justice to the remarkable achievements of both the plants and the people. It’s been a pleasure working with the Adamedia team over the last nine months through all the challenges of making a film like this and I’d like to sincerely thank them, as well as all the Sellafield team members that contributed to the film”.


Rosehill Theatre Magnox Premiere 29 09 22
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