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Awards 2024

Bergerode Consulting becomes a Maritime Cyber Baseline Certification Body

Bergerode Consulting has become one of the first certification bodies for the new Maritime Cyber Baseline standard. This new standard has been developed by the IASME Consortium, which manages the Cyber Essentials scheme, together with InfoSec Partners Ltd. and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects to raise cyber security standards within the maritime sector. The baseline is aimed at commercial vessels, especially cargo, passenger ferries, yachts, and also covers crewed and autonomous vessels.

Kevin Crichton, Bergerode's CEO, said: "We're very proud and excited to be one of the first certification bodies for the Maritime Cyber Baseline, and look forward to working with clients on this. Cyber security within the maritime sector has traditionally received less attention than its shoreside counterparts, but the maritime sector’s increasing reliance upon computerised systems and networks, places it at an ever-increasing risk of cyber-attack, especially from ransomware. You only have to consider that in 2017 the commercial shipping giant Maersk lost an estimated $300 million in revenue due to the “NotPetya" ransomware attack to appreciate how devastating a cyber-attack on the maritime sector can be. The maritime sector transports 95% of the UK’s imports and exports, so it’s crucial that the maritime sector takes proactive steps to remain cyber resilient, not only for its own sake, but also for the continued security of the UK’s supply chain. Bergerode Consulting strongly recommends that maritime companies review the new baseline and get in touch to discuss implementing it for their shipping fleet and implementing Cyber Essentials for their shoreside operations to ensure that this also remains cyber secure."