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Companies across Cumbria are needed to help primary schools to create their own social enterprises to ‘make a profit & make a difference’ as part of the Bright Stars 2023 programme designed to teach young children about business.

The hugely successful programme is project-managed by the Centre for Leadership Performance and partners primary schools with local companies to set up and run their own businesses. Bright Stars encourages high aspirations in primary age children and inspires them to explore future career opportunities from a young age.

Business partners also benefit from Bright Stars. Last year 100% of business mentors said they enjoyed taking part and wanted to do it again in 2023.The top three skills that business mentors were able to improve through their involvement with Bright Stars were communication, adaptability and confidence/patience.

Shannon Rogerson from Circular1 Health said “I genuinely enjoyed every part of it. We had weekly visits with the school and every time it was amazing to see how far they'd come and what they had achieved. The way they responded to the programme made me feel proud to be a part of it and I hope we've made a difference in their future.”

Your business can be part of this exciting programme which begins introducing companies and schools in January and starts in earnest in March 2023. Children are given seed-funding to start their businesses with the aim ‘to make a profit & make a difference’, following the very best examples of self-sustaining social enterprise.

Bright Stars continues to build relationships between businesses and primary schools and benefit communities with almost 60 schools taking part in 2022. Our young entrepreneurs get an insight into how businesses operate, and mentors from local companies gain a fresh perspective on their own work and careers.

Can your business help inspire the next generation workforce?!

To find out more and register your interest in Bright Stars visit: