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Capula approved as a CREST Penetration Testing service provider

Staffordshire based Capula has been approved as a CREST Penetration Testing service provider, showcasing their commitment to providing greater protection for their customers critical systems.

CREST, the not-for-profit accreditation and certification body, represents the technical information security industry. CREST provides internationally recognised accreditation for organisations and individuals that deliver vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat intelligence services, and Security Operations Centre (SOC) services.

Capula’s Cyber Security Solutions Manager, Darren Conway said, “I’m so pleased we successfully passed the rigorous CREST accreditation process. It is recognition that our team of cyber security experts are fully equipped with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to combat against some of the most advanced security breaches.

“It demonstrates our commitment to providing customers with the highest level of cyber security services, ensuring that their industrial systems remain protected from critical threats.”

Rowland Johnson, President of CREST said, “Recognising the vital role of penetration testing for its ever increasing client base, Capula is now able to give customers the added reassurance that its services meet the very highest standards, by successfully going through the CREST accreditation process.

“Capula’s accreditation reflects its commitment to invest in the people, processes, methodologies and systems to deliver internationally recognised and trusted services.”

With threats targeting critical infrastructure on the rise, and industrial systems often requiring greater planning and a more tailored approach than other types of security testing; cyber security companies without the experience of industrial systems testing are unlikely to achieve worthwhile results and could potentially cause serious harm to systems, people, and the environment if they are unaware of likely risks.