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Awards 2024

Centre for Leadership Peformance - First Line Manager Development Programme

First Line Managers have a huge impact on organisational culture, employee engagement, productivity and performance. We often hear that colleagues are promoted into these positions due to their technical excellence but where do they get the training and tools in order to become a successful people manager?

Our First Line Manager Programme combines key people management principles and the opportunity to work and learn alongside peers from a range of businesses in Cumbria. Colleagues from a variety of sectors and backgrounds come together to share best practice, learn from experience and collaborate to ensure that they become the best they can be.

This interactive and engaging programme covers some fundamental people management essentials during 4 half-day workshops, spread over 4-5 months:

  • How to engage with your team
  • Having meaningful conversations
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Coaching and mentoring skills

Our next programme kicks off on 20th June, so if you would like more information or to get involved, contact Sophie Reynolds (Workplace Programme Manager) on 07876 746750 or