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Awards 2024

Creating Business Growth for Cumbrian Businesses

The Regional Supply Chain Network (RSCN) is looking to grow its members across Cumberland and Westmorland and Furness areas, to stimulate business growth for SME’s and local businesses across the region.

The Regional Supply Chain Network was originally set up by BAE Systems as part of their commitment to social value and sustainability. The RSCN provides an opportunity for businesses across Cumbria (LA and CA postcodes), to get together and share knowledge, skills and experience, encouraging better understanding of the opportunities locally, collaborating together and creating an efficient and effective supply chain with sustainable growth throughout the region.

Part funded by Cumbria LEP, and free to businesses, the RSCN is looking to address local business challenges and promote their expertise across the region.

The RSCN is open to all local businesses. We would also welcome large organisations from outside the region who have an interest in supporting Cumbrian SME’s.

We are holding an event on Wednesday March 20th at Cartmel Racecourse, which will give local businesses an opportunity to shape the future of the network. To ensure collaboratively we can increase business growth in our region.

Anyone interested in attending the event or joining the RSCN please email

Limited spaces are available for the event and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.