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Members of BECBCs main board at Energus today 1

BECBC appoints a new Chair and directors to drive growth and innovation

Professionals from across the energy sector gathered in Cumbria as Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster (BECBC) announced its new chair, and two new directors, at their Annual General Meeting today.

After a year in the position of director, and almost 20 years of membership at BECBC, Paul Pointon, Vice President at Amentum, will now act as chair for the board, spearheading the strategy for the next financial year and beyond.

In addition, Vicky Brown, founder and CEO of No Name Travel has now been elected as director, alongside former chair of the BECBC board and founder and CEO of Responsive Ltd and Flawed Ltd, Lee Grears, who has been re-elected to the board as director.

BECBC is run by a board of eight volunteers who come from a range of backgrounds, sectors and geographical areas offering diversity and the ability to add a depth of value to the members.

Contributing a wealth of board experience to the role, alongside a strong foundation of supply chain knowledge, Paul Pointon is eager to attend his first meeting as chair early next month.

He said: “I am delighted to have been chosen to chair the BECBC board after a rewarding year as director, this is a real opportunity to create tangible delivery points that serve our members and the wider region.

“The goal is to make sure the supply chain ecosystem is buoyant. We can do that by encouraging dynamic collaborations between our members, encouraging consistent feedback, and developing robust, future-focused strategies.”

Dianne Richardson, Chief Executive Officer at BECBC, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Vicky and Paul onto the board. Having such a strong set of applicants for these roles shows that our members deeply appreciate BECBC as they are willing to contribute their valuable time.

“I’m delighted Lee has been re-elected as he brings a strong SME voice into the room, something that is deeply rooted in BECBC’s history.”

“Vicky and No Name Travel are relatively new members but have engaged heavily with BECBC and fellow members in that time, so I’m looking forward to what a fresh perspective can bring to the board and wider membership.

“We’re also delighted to see Paul’s strong nuclear experience come into the chair role at a time when nuclear is key to our national energy security and net zero ambitions I’m looking forward to working with him.

“I must thank outgoing director, Gary Shuttleworth, for everything he has done over the past three years both for the cluster and for me personally. Thankfully it’s not goodbye as Gary and Morgan Sindall have been, and I hope will continue to be, members for many years.”

Vicky Brown, newly appointed director at BECBC, said: “As an enthusiastic ambassador, it’s a privilege to have been chosen to help develop BECBC for member benefit. The values within my own business centre on collaboration, diversity, and sustainability, and BECBC reflect those brilliantly.

“As a proactive female managing director in a male-dominated industry, I have developed skills that can bring a lot of value. As a cluster member, I have experienced many benefits, and believe that giving back is essential.”

Lee Grears, who has acted as board chair for the past year, is looking forward to continuing to support the board: “On the back of my time as chair, I am committed to fostering inclusivity within BECBC and amplifying the voices of members.

“As an advocate for small businesses as the foundation of our Cumbrian economy, I have a good understanding of the challenges faced by SMEs. Alongside fellow board members, I aim to ensure that the interests and concerns of small businesses remain at the forefront of BECBC's agenda.”

The new positions commence officially today, and the first board meeting will be held at the beginning of May.