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Decking Fixings by Lindapter - Eliminating Exposure to Harmful Silica Dust!

Recently the HSE have highlighted the dangers of Silica Dust, generated during tasks such as drilling, cutting, and grinding materials like concrete and other construction materials. According to the HSE, Silicosis kills more than 500 construction workers yearly.

Decking Fixings are an excellent example of how innovative engineering solutions can provide a workplace solution, improving workplace safety while maintaining high levels of performance and efficiency. By incorporating innovative solutions like Lindapter Decking Fixings, we can create safer and more efficient workplaces for construction workers, ensuring that they can carry out their work safely and effectively.

More information on this, visit our website and download our Decking Fixings vs Silica Dust Flyer


Lindapter Decking Fixings vs Silica Dust
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