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Awards 2024

General Election Statement

During General Election campaigns there are restrictions in place on what the Government can do, both in initiating policy and in using official resources. This is to avoid the inappropriate use of official resources and to ensure the impartiality of the Civil Service, so that public money is not used to support the campaign of the ruling party.

In the U.K. this has been historically termed as "purdah" however Government guidance now refers to it as a " period of sensitivity".

BEC Business Cluster is a non-aligned, non-political organisation and as such holds no brief either for the individual candidates or the parties that they represent, nor does it speak or advocate for our extensive membership on this subject. This does in no way impact the unalienable right of companies and individuals within the Cluster to voice their own opinion.

However, from our perspective the Business Cluster welcomes the General Election as an opportunity to provide a focus and offer greater certainty for U.K. businesses, their employees and investors. The economy will be a key battleground as we move towards election day on 4th July, and this resonates throughout Cumbria which is so well placed to attract much needed infrastructure improvements, opportunities for key investment for example the clean energy environment. Alongside this, upskilling for the current workforce as well as new entrants in the coming years are priorities that will categorise the area as one of innovation and growth.