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Hinkley C second reactor being built 20%-30% faster

Around 12,000 workers are now driving ahead construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station as preparation work advances to install the first reactor in Unit 1.

Simon Parson, Nuclear Island Area Director, said work was also now accelerating on building second reactor unit buildings where work was typically progressing 20%-30% faster than on unit one.

He said: “It the same job but we are learning better ways to do it.”

Contractors are pioneering a new welding method that is four times faster than the first time around. Modularisation has been increased to carry out more work in factory conditions.

Parson added: “In the reactor two building, the goal is to catch up after we stopped most of the work here during the pandemic.

“The final ring for the reactor 2 unit will be lifted into place later this year, before the dome goes on next year.”

Parson said every innovation at Hinkley was being incoporated into plans for unit three and four at Sizewell C in Suffolk.

So far more than £5bn has been spent with companies across the South West, with 3,800 British businesses supporting the project. Around 8,000 people have received training at the project’s three training Centres of Excellence.