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Innovate UK offer new Innovation Exchange challenges

Innovate UK Innovation Exchange (iX) is a cross-sector program supporting innovation transfer by matching industry challenges to innovative organisations from a wide range of sectors. It does this through putting businesses with technical needs in contact with organisations who have innovative technology, for faster development of novel solutions.

The Circular Critical Materials Supply Chains Programme has launched four Innovation Exchange Challenges. Working with industrial partners to identify key challenges they face associated with the development of a UK based rare earth and permanent magnet supply chain. Details of the four challenges are:

Demagnetisation and preparation of end-of-life high performance magnets for reprocessing: Ionic Technologies is looking to use open innovation to prepare magnets from end-of-life wind turbines and other applications for chemical recycling and separation.

Developing ways to measure and use eddy current and hysteresis loss data in permanent magnets used in dynamic motor environments: Hirst Magnetics seeks to use open innovation to understand the unexplored dynamic nature of eddy current and hysteresis losses in permanent magnets in motors and generators.

Automated separation of permanent magnets from vehicle motor drives: EMR are looking to explore ways to automate the disassembly of vehicle drive motors to separate out the permanent magnets and copper coil.

Removal of Iron (Fe2+ and Fe3+) from mixed metal oxide powders: Mkango Resources is looking to use open innovation to find a more efficient way of removing iron contamination from mixed metal oxide powders.

UK based organisations are invited to apply with solutions to the above challenges and selected applicants will have the opportunity to pitch to the Challenge Holder. Subsequently, successful projects will be awarded up to £25k over 3 months to explore their solution with the challenge holder with the possibility of further adoption upon successful trials.

The application deadline is 24th January, to discuss further please feel free to schedule a meeting with me here.

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