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Awards 2024

Managing Procurement & Supply Chain Skills Bootcamp

At the last BECBC meeting there was lots of conversation around the skills bootcamps.

CLEP, CIPS and the University of Cumbrian are looking to create a Managing Procurement & Supply Chain Skills Bootcamp

It’s purpose is to introduce learners to the fundamentals of procurement and supply chain management to achieve value for money through improved professional skills and knowledge. Through taught workshops, learners will develop knowledge and skills which can be applied and add value to the workplace.

The current suggested course content is:

  • The concepts and principles of procurement and supply management
  • Sourcing and Procurement fundamentals
  • Demand forecasting
  • Storage principles and warehouse management
  • Transport and distribution
  • Accessing national procurement services
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Information technologies for logistics and supply chain
  • Managing quality and sustainability
  • Legal, ethical and compliance aspects for procurement officers

We are looking to understand the interest and demand for this bootcamp.

As a reminder employers contribute to the cost of training if they want to use Skills Bootcamps to train their existing employees: large employers (with 250+ employees) contribute 30% of the cost, and small or medium employers (SMEs) contribute 10%. The balance of funding is provided by DFE. This is a really cost efficient way to deliver training and upskilling to your teams.

If you feel your company may have an interest in this bootcamp, no commitment required, please email