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MEICA Supplier Road Show for the Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant Major Infrastructure Plant Visits Delkia

Richard Etheridge, Senior Project Manager for the Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant MEICA (mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, controls and automation), visited Delkia recently as part of the MEICA Supplier Road Show and to see progress on the specialist ancillary glovebox supply systems that are currently under production at Delkia’s Egremont production facility.

Richard said: “Delkia’s panels are absolutely critical to the functional performance of the four gloveboxes on the new assembly lines. I’m really pleased Delkia are working with us and it’s a pleasure to see the quality of the work being delivered as part of the overarching PPP (Programme and Project Partnership) work for the Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant.”

He was accompanied by Jack Crowder, Package Manager, and Harry Drummond, Graduate Project Engineer. The group toured the production facility to see the equipment under construction which includes a combination of electrical, instrumentation and gas control systems to support key processes within the planned SRP facility.

Mark Sisson, Director of Clean Energy at Delkia said: “This was an excellent opportunity to showcase what we are doing and can do, and a great opportunity for the team to learn about progress on the project as a whole, its successes and challenges to date, and how we might be able to support the project further.”

Richard Etheridge then briefed staff at Delia on the critical success factors for the Sellafield Product and Residue Store Retreatment Plant project, one of which is developing workforce skills and creating a positive legacy from the project.

Delkia has invested in staff and in its production facilities to support the project, with the appointment of Pat Ellis, Electrical Technician, Phil Banister, Electronics Engineer and Richard Scott, Materials Controller. The project also allowed the creation of two new apprenticeship posts, as well as a Prince’s Trust Student Placement. In addition, production facilities have been further expanded by moving white collar staff to new headquarters for Delkia, at Westlakes Science and Technology Park.

“The team have developed a fantastic design for these systems coupled with impressive build progress” said Mark Sisson, Director of Clean Energy: “We have developed a dedicated and a highly skilled team who work to the highest standards.” This is just one reason why Delkia is going from strength to strength, winning Growing Business of the Year from BECBC (Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster) and opening a new office and R&D lab in Preston, all in 2022.