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More businesses upskilling staff to combat ‘recruitment crisis’

WITH the UK experiencing significant labour and skills shortages, businesses are investing additional resources into training and upskilling their current workforce.

The House of Lords’ economic affairs committee reported that the UK is in the midst of a recruitment crisis, with people in their 50s and 60s retiring early during Covid-19 lockdowns listed as the main reason for the skills shortage. The committee has predicted the situation will worsen in 2023.

Centre for Leadership Performance (CforLP), which provides a range of leadership training programmes for businesses and organisations across Cumbria, has experienced a surge in demand for its services as companies start to place more emphasis on professional development of existing team members to help retain staff and maximise the potential of its staff.

There has been a particular spike in interest in one of its flagship programmes, Leader 2 Leader, an eight-month programme providing development opportunities for managers and aspiring leaders from a range of businesses and sectors across Cumbria.

The programme, which is tailored around delegates and their own personal goals and ambitions for leadership within the workplace, encourages delegates to get outside of their day-to-day work environment, build support networks with peers, observe other leadership styles and share learning and best practices.

CforLP Executive Directors Catherine Eve and Sarah Glass are predicting a further increase in Training and Development as businesses gain a clearer understanding of the value of promoting within.

Sarah said: "Most industries across the UK are experiencing significant recruitment and staffing problems, and that is for a number of reasons including labour and skill shortages.

"Particularly in the second half of 2022, we noticed a larger demand for Training and Development services as employers started to place more value on retaining its current workforce and also the benefits of developing the skill sets and leadership qualities of staff members.

"Among the many benefits of this type of training is that the employees feel highly valued and motivated to drive the business forward, while it also builds the capabilities within the existing workforce to complement growth plans."

Leader 2 Leader programmes run throughout the year with the next course set to start around Easter.

To find out more or to register an interest, visit or email