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Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Film Evening - 21st June - Birchwood Park

3D 350 and The South Lancs Branch of the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) will be holding our annual Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Film Evening Even at Birchwood Park, Risley, Warringtonon on Global MND Awareness Day (21st of June) and would be great to see some BECBC members there.

This year we'll be showing the classic film ‘The Truman Show’.

The event starts at 5:30pm in the Generator at The Engine Rooms at Birchwood Park, Risley, Warrington.

Free entrance (donations optional), free drink & cinema snacks and even free parking.

We will be lighting up the buildings on Birchwood Park in Blue and Orange later in the evening for the MNDA’s Illuminated Buildings campaign to raise awareness of MND.

Booking is essential for venue and catering numbers.


Paul and Lee and the team at the South Lancs Branch of the MND Association.


Birchwook Park Directions Parking
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