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Opportunities at Sizewell C New Build Reactors

Sizewell C is a landmark project to plan, design and build two EPR™ nuclear reactors on the East Coast of Suffolk, England. It will deliver nuclear electricity at a cost that is competitive with other low-carbon sources and will generate 7% of the UK’s energy, with a capacity of 3,260 MWh.

A dramatic reduction in carbon is required to meet the UK’s 2050 Net Zero commitment. Nuclear power generation can play a key part in the UK’s energy mix, providing affordable, reliable low-carbon energy. The development of Sizewell C offers a unique opportunity for the UK to take control of its future energy needs, help tackle climate change and power jobs and industry up and down the country.

Sizewell C has a clear advantage: it is a follow-on project from Hinkley Point C (HPC), currently under construction in Somerset. By replicating the HPC design and using the same key elements of the supply chain, Sizewell C will benefit from lower, more stable costs, giving investors increased confidence in the construction schedule and, in turn, lowering the cost of capital. In short, the cost to the consumer will be much lower.

Sizewell C aim is to do the power of good for Britain. We invite you to be part of our journey.

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