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Awards 2024

Prima Uno wins the UKAEA Fusion Project Delivery Framework Contract

The West Cumbrian team at Prima Uno have recently won a four-year contract to support the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) in their goal ‘to lead the delivery of sustainable fusion energy’ on behalf of the UK Government.

Prima Uno was one of six successful suppliers selected for UKAEA’s Project Delivery Services Framework.

Companies working on the Project Delivery Services Framework will be contributing to several UKAEA programmes including STEP (Spherical Tokamak for Energy Production) which aims to deliver a prototype fusion energy plant and a path to the commercial viability of fusion. Fusion energy has the potential to deliver safe, sustainable, low carbon energy for generations to come based on the same processes that power the sun and stars.

The contract, due to commence in the Spring of 2022, is to provide professional staff to support the UKAEA’s Programme and Project Management Office, as part of a Project Delivery Services Framework contract.

Prima Uno have secured three out of six lots on the UKAEA Project Delivery Framework.

Lot 1 Programme and Project Management

Supporting with Technical and IT Programme and Project Management resources. Prima Uno teamed with Monochrome Consultancy Ltd to tender for this lot. Monochrome specialises in IT and Transformation Programme and Project Management services. Monochrome will cover the IT side of the Lot 1 and Prima Uno will be responsible for the technical side of Lot 1.

Lot 3 Planning

Prima Uno will be assisting UKAEA with planning services, lifetime plan development, specialist planning support and related services.

Lot 4 Risk Management

Prima Uno will be supporting UKAEA with risk management related services such as risk modelling, risk training and mentoring and a whole range of risk management and applying risk management best practise.

Commenting on the award, Sarah Purdham said “We are delighted to have won this framework contract. As a growing company this is recognition of our capability to deliver for our customers. We are excited to be getting involved with UKAEA and look forward to supporting their mission to make fusion power generation a reality. Winning three lots on this framework is a huge milestone for Prima Uno. Prima Uno will be working with local people and local companies, and we will be setting up a dedicated Fusion Project Control, Programme and Project Management Centre of Excellence for apprentices and graduates to work on this framework. It is exciting to be working with Monochrome on another one of our frameworks. Monochrome shares the same values and work ethic as Prima Uno and will be supporting us on Lot 1.

Dan Wright, founder of Monochrome Consultancy added “We are very pleased to have teamed with Prima Uno and will combine our expertise in programme and project delivery with Prima Uno to help UKAEA achieve their goals”.

Prima Uno will be looking for new staff to join them on this contract and other UK based contracts in Oxford, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Cumbria and Scotland.

Disciplines being recruited will include:

  • Programme Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Planners
  • Risk Managers
  • Cost Engineers
  • Estimators

The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) was formed in 1954 when the British Government set up a new body to oversee the nation’s nuclear research programme. UKAEA is a non-departmental public body (NDPB), under the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). UKAEA’s principal mission is to lead the commercial development of fusion power and related technology and position the UK as a leader in sustainable nuclear energy, whilst maximising scientific and economic impact.

Fusion research aims to copy the process which powers the sun for a new large-scale source of low carbon energy here on earth.

When light atomic nuclei fuse together to form heavier ones, a large amount of energy is released. To do this, fuel is heated to extreme temperatures, ten times hotter than the centre of the sun, forming a plasma in which fusion reactions take place. A commercial power station will use the energy produced by fusion reactions to generate electricity.

Fusion has huge potential as a low carbon energy source. It is environmentally responsible and safe, using fuel that is abundant and sustainable.

New fusion energy framework to boost economy and improve diversity

The UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) will fill over 100 roles worth £9.5 million to the economy in support of its major fusion energy programmes over the next four years.

Its Project Delivery Services Framework is aimed at improving social and economic inequality in addition to providing a fast and flexible approach to recruitment. This will help UKAEA in its mission to make fusion energy a safe, sustainable, low carbon energy supply of the future.

Engineers, project managers and apprentices from across the UK will be seconded from six companies, chosen via a competitive tender process, for demonstrating a clear commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). This includes:

  • Established partnerships with organisations such as BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, STEM Network, and Stonewall (inclusivity for LGBTQ+ in the workplace)
  • Adding social value to communities as they rebuild post COVID-19 in addition to working with social mobility charity, Career Ready
  • Employing apprentices that will work at UKAEA’s Oxfordshire and Yorkshire sites in addition to delivering outreach events to encourage careers in STEM

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