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Awards 2024
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Realise HR in Carlisle, are growing more than their HR and Recruitment consultancy this year.

Breaking ground in June last year, Realise Forest commenced when the first tree was planted in honour of the late Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Fast forward to 14 February 2023 Realise HR invited many local businesses who support the initiative to come and plant their tree and bring the forest to life.

Realise forest is a collaborative space helping promote sustainability within the region, offering businesses the opportunity to donate and plant trees at an annual tree planting event.

Claire Mclean CEO of Realise HR said " We all know we should be doing more to look after the planet. As a business, we emit relatively low carbon emissions, but we know we can always do more. Having never planted a tree before, we approached Cumbria Woodlands, who advised us on the variety of trees to plant, how and when to plant them.

"Kingmoor Park kindly provided us with a fantastic space to grow our forest and help us in our ambitions for a cleaner, greener Carlisle. Ruddick landscapes kindly sourced all of our local grown trees and helped us out massively on the day – huge thanks to you all, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Harvey Scowcroft, Kingmoor Park general manager, added: “Our ethos, through our sustainability initiative is to take steps to strive towards being a more sustainable and net zero emissions business park. We were so pleased to see Realise Forest come to life this week and that Realise are on board with our ethos. We look forward to seeing their business and trees grow.”

Want to be part of this amazing project on your journey to net zero? Email