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We keep you up to date with this month's news and information from National Grid – and the energy industry – in the US and UK.

Making dreams come true for a small girl with a big pylon interest

After hearing about four-year-old Lucy’s journey with #autism and passion for pylons, our team absolutely had to reach out and give her a day to remember at our Penwortham Substation, including getting to (safely!) hug a pylon.

> See more about Lucy's day out

Responding to storms in the Northeast US

Stormy weather can cause significant impacts to our electricity systems, so we make sure that we've got it covered from every angle. From year-round preparation to responding quickly when a storm hits and safely restoring power in the event of an outage, see what happens before, during and after a storm in these videos:

> Preparing for the impacts of storms

> Keeping our customers safe during a storm

> Restoring power after a storm

Sea Link: Minimising the environmental impact of clean energy connections

Upgrading the UK's energy systems is crucial to connect more clean energy projects to the grid, to power homes and businesses. Minimising the environmental impact of our projects is a key consideration when conducting survey work and one example where this is currently taking place is Sea Link, a proposed project to build a predominantly offshore cable connecting the counties of Kent and Suffolk.

> Find out more about Sea Link and our work to protect the environment

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