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Awards 2024
LINC Award Sellafield Supply Chain Bulletin May 2023

Winning work with Sellafield Ltd !

All the team at Woodward are really excited to have been awarded the below LINC challenge to deliver NEBOSH training courses for Sellafield Ltd.

LINC with Sellafield
Opportunity 99
Work Package 10/2023 – Provision of NEBOSH Safety Training

We delivered our first closed / in-house training course for Sellafield [then BNFL] delegates at Summergrove in 1995 and we have worked closely with Sellafield ever since.

We are looking forward to being able to continue this excellent relationship through the LINC with Sellafield scheme.

Image is the LINC Award Notice, published on page 6 of the Sellafield Supply Chain Bulletin – May 2023.