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Awards 2024

Would your organisation benefit from some free consultancy support?

The GDF programme is working closely with one of their suppliers, a specialist consultancy in organisational change called Q5 Partners on a range of organisational development initiatives. ​ Q5 launched a successful ‘Pop Up Consulting’ programme at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 to help organisations navigate the impact of the pandemic. Since March 2020, Q5 has helped over 100 organisations by offering consulting support in a wide variety of areas including:​ Strategic planning​ Building a fundraising strategy ​ Marketing & Business Development​ Proposition Development​ Organisational Design & Development​ Change Management As part of the Public Services (social value) Act, the GDF Programme is thinking about how it can secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits through its procurements. The GDF Programme is encouraging its suppliers to support local communities. Q5 has agreed to offer 5 ‘Pop-Up Consultations’ in 2022 to local community organisations, charities, not-for-profits and small businesses in Copeland and Allerdale as part of their contribution to social value. Please find more information about the support that Q5 can offer, criteria to apply and how to apply in the file attached. Supporting Files