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Awards 2022
Title Buying Organisation Publish Date Response Deadline Details
LINC Qualification Sellafield 22/10/2018 01/11/2022 View
New Energy Dynamic Framework (NEDF) Public Power Solutions e-Tendering 17/01/2019 10/01/2023 View
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Construction and Development Works PROSPER 18/05/2019 30/03/2029 View
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Design and Consultancy Services ServicesPROSPER 18/05/2019 13/04/2029 View
Specialist Contractors DPS Places for People Group Limited 09/06/2019 16/12/2028 View
Legal Services DPS Places for People Group Limited 15/06/2019 30/11/2026 View
Building Materials and Associated Services DPS Places for People Group Limited 15/06/2019 24/12/2026 View
2348-20 Merchant Stores DPS East Riding of Yorkshire 05/10/2019 29/03/2025 View
Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Compliance & Facilities Management Services PROSPER 27/02/2020 28/04/2030 View
Fusion21 DPS for Fire Suppression Systems & Associated Fire Safety Works 03/04/2020 28/02/2023 View
Digital Inclusion and Support Dynamic Purchasing System Crown Commercial Service 26/05/2020 20/06/2024 View
Personal Protective Equipment - Dynamic Purchasing System Orbit Group Limited 07/06/2020 15/06/2022 View
Personal Protective Equipment - Dynamic Purchasing System Orbit Group Limited 30/06/2020 15/06/2022 View
Consumer Insights DPS Framework Contract ENERGY SYSTEMS CATAPULT LIMITED 03/07/2020 31/12/2022 View
Grant Administration Services Crown Commercial Service 21/08/2020 18/08/2024 View
Dynamic Purchasing System for Regional Building Merchants PROCURE PLUS HOLDINGS LIMITED 29/10/2020 27/02/2025 View
Learning and Training Services DPS Crown Commercial Service 19/05/2021 03/09/2025 View
Delivery Partner Dynamic Purchasing System Homes England (the name adopted by the Homes and Communities Agency) 26/05/2021 31/08/2031 View
Cryogenic Irradiation of Superconductors United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 14/06/2021 02/01/2023 View
Internet of Things Scottish Government 03/07/2021 02/03/2023 View
OI/0074 350 kVA Generators Ministry of Defence 13/07/2021 31/10/2022 View
Cat 1 - Software and Licensing National Nuclear Laboratory 23/07/2021 01/01/2025 View
Integrated Energy Solution Mechanism DPS ENERGY SYSTEMS CATAPULT LIMITED 30/07/2021 31/07/2023 View
Provision of Testing Services Construction Industry Training Board 05/08/2021 30/07/2022 View
Communications Marketplace The Minister for the Cabinet Office acting through Crown Commercial Service 05/08/2021 05/09/2025 View
Lancashire & South Cumbria Flu & Immunisation Services Future Opportunities North of England Commissioning Support Unit 20/09/2021 01/09/2023 View
Works for the Steam Supply from Thorp Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Limited 30/09/2021 01/06/2022 View
Communications Marketplace Crown Commercial Service 02/11/2021 06/09/2022 View
External Coaching Framework Durham University 02/11/2021 23/09/2024 View
PRO004533-Services-PIN-DSEAR Inspection, Compliance, Remediation & Support United Utilities Water Limited 05/11/2021 01/06/2022 View