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Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The University of Sheffield wishes to invite tenders for a 'Purposed Single Axis Seismic Shake Table' on behalf of the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Castings Group at Catcliffe, South Yorkshire.

Scope of Requirement

Nuclear AMRC is one of seven high value manufacturing catapult centres promoting advanced manufacturing technologies and serving the UK supply chain, mainly in nuclear sector. The equipment qualification (EQ) is critical process for systems, structures and components used in nuclear industry. To conduct innovative research and provide better service for the SMEs, Nuclear AMRC is sourcing a hydraulic, single-axis vertical stroke seismic shake table system for testing and qualifying electronic devices, small electrical sub-systems and small mechanical components with a variety of masses.

The seismic shake table will be used to test different components with a variety of masses (between 1 kg and 100 kg) and different severity level of accelerations (between 6 G to 35 G) with 5% damping.

e.g. the intention is to test a minimum 80 kg mass. There are several other requirements in the RCC-E and IEEE344 standards for different level of acceleration against different mass of components (e.g. smaller component shall be tested to 35 G). To meet the requirements of the RCC-E and IEEE344 standards, the successful supplier will provide a FAT plan prior to delivery of the seismic shake table.

The seismic shake table will be mainly used for Research & Development research projects, in addition to providing services to UK supply chain for the robustness of sub-systems and components testing potentially to the nuclear and other regulated sectors.

The bidder shall provide a turn-key solution for a single-axis seismic shake table system with all necessary hardware and software included for conducting seismic qualification test.

Initially the seismic table will be installed in a large workshop area which currently hosts other capital equipment. The seismic table will be moved at some point in the future (to another building) so needs to be easy to transport.

As of the date of releasing this tender, the new building in which the seismic shake table will eventually be installed has not as yet been constructed and we are unable to supply any drawings or plans (and associated dimensions).The seismic shake table will be installed in an office based environment so will need to be a relatively compact system.

Tender Process and Documentation:

This procurement is an open procedure conducted in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015

The ITT can be downloaded by registering and expressing your interest on the University`s e-tendering system

If you have any questions or comments in relation to this tender they must be submitted via the In-tend System, this can be accessed at

Completed tenders must be returned through the same e-tendering system.

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Response Deadline 25-03-21 00:00