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Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:


1. 2 x Conductivity, Temperature and Depth Instruments (CTD's).

The instrument should be robust enough to be strapped to any number of underwater equipment including fishing trawls and seabed camera systems as well as being capable of a water profile to at least 500m depth. The units will be used in harsh environments and must be robust enough to sustain bumps and knocks. The instrument is required to self log and the data to be easily downloadable. Download of the data should be possible without removing the instrument from the trawl or camera frame via non contact, cableless data link situated inside the probe.
The Temperature must have an accuracy of at least ±0.002 ºC and work in a temperature range of at least 0 - 30 ºC. The pressure accuracy for a 500m depth instrument should be 0.05% or 0.25 dbar, or for an instrument capable of 1000m depth 0.5 dbar accuracy is acceptable. We require Conductivity readings accurate to at least ±0.005 mS/cm.
The software must be able to process the data and output calculated salinity. Devices which record data that meets the WOCE standard will be regarded in preference. The ability to connect other sensors such as optical oxygen is desirable.
We require the ability to visually see that the instrument is on and logging, for instance a flashing light or similar.

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Response Deadline 27-11-20 00:00