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Buying Organisation North Tyneside Council
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The Authority invites suitably experienced providers for the above Framework for skilled service to provide Scaffold Services. This Framework Contract will ensure availability of skilled Contractors to deliver the Planned and Reactive Service requiring differing values and complexities as required for the Framework Contract.

Successfully awarded Contractors will be required to work together with North Tyneside Council (the Authority) to drive improvements and support the aims and ambitions of the Contract.
All Scaffolding Contractors used (whether directly engaged or engaged by a sub-contractor) should preferably be full NASC members. Non-NASC contractors must be audited by a NASC approved organisation prior to tender. The auditing process should involve an assessment based on due diligence, reputation and previous contractor references, and must be approved. The frequency of these audits should be every 2 years

The main areas of activity may comprise of, but not exclusively be limited to tube and fitting scaffold, freestanding, flying, cantilever, tied scaffold, including walkways, edge protection, netting and other additional features with calculations and inspections carried out where requested and also other planned and reactive investment works requiring services to be completed in ether of the following forms; Operational, schools, commercial and any other properties owned by the Authority or its subsidiaries which may also include properties for sale. The specific Projects details that may be procured under this Framework Contract cannot be clearly defined at this stage, however, indicative volumes, approximate per year are: 30

Following this tender exercise, it is envisaged that 3 Contractors will be appointed to the Framework. Works up to £10k will be offered to the first ranked Contractor as a Direct Award. For works exceeding £10k a mini competition will be undertaken with the 3 contractors on the framework via the NEPO portal, please refer to the Authority Requirements in the tender pack for further information.

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Response Deadline 10-02-21 00:00