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Buying Organisation PPP RAP Project
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Early Engagement
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

Morgan Sindall will review the responses and assess capabilities for the scope required to identify who will be invited to progress.

The Replacement Analytical Project is looking to undertake early contractor involvement to support the delivery strategy for the Highly Active Analytical Services Cells (HAASC). Currently the in-house design team is producing a Preliminary Design Stage 3D model, a suite of DPDs at detail design which will cumulate into the production of an ITT for a design and build contract for the HAASC.

The in-house team are initially looking to undertake a workshop (virtual) with the supply chain to discuss the above strategy. Interested parties therefore are requested to respond and brief demonstrate your current capabilities associated with the Works.

It is envisaged that this workshop will attended by a combination of E&I, and Mechanical designers along with Fabrication organisations. All suppliers who are shortlisted and attend the workshop will be invited to tender at a later stage, anticipated 2021.

The HAASC has 6 workstations, each workstation is made up of a window and a pair of MSMs which will be used to prepare and analyses samples. The MSMs and Windows will be provided under a different arrangement. The main features of this scope of work, i.e. HAASC, comprises of the following component parts:

· Fixed Liner – This is a stainless steel structure that provides the containment, it is to be installed in one piece with the frame being used for both installation purposes and to provide support during operations. The liner will have a number of penetrations for windows, through wall plugs and analytical equipment to be deployed through, as well as the main structure there are a number of features internally, such as the internal transfer mechanism and the trap door port.

· Direct Import Facility (DIF) – this assembly allows the lid of packages / flasks to be removed remotely (behind shielding) before transferring the samples to the underside of the Fixed Liner and interfaces with the trap door port. The DIF is made up of a Delidding Machine, Rail Module & Bogie.

· Oversized equipment import / export – This feature utilises existing infrastructure in the area to remotely connect a box allowing for larger items to be imported / exported into the cell.

Further detail of the above can be provided upon request.

All costs and expenses incurred by the supply chain in connection with this workshop and all future stages of the early contractor involvement process will be borne by the supply chain.

If you wish to express an interest in this scope, please confirm your interest by emailing Vikki by no later than 12:00 noon 16th September 2020to start the process.

Response Deadline 16-09-20 12:00
Contact Email Address