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Buying Organisation Eden District Council
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Consultancy
Contract Description:

Eden District Council wishes to support the local economy through the development of opportunities that will lead to the growth in employment and economic activity within the District. At the same time, the Council is reconfiguring its office accommodation with a view to moving staff in to a newly acquired office building which will leave two prominent buildings within Penrith open to new opportunities. Combined with the Council owned buildings becoming available, the Council is also a land owner and as such wishes to consider an appropriate sequencing for offering the land and buildings to the open market. The Council considers that either the buildings or the land holdings may be an attractive proposition for an hotelier given the strong tourism and business performance in the local area.Eden District Council is seeking bids from suitably qualified and experienced consultants to assist the Council in delivering the Eden Hotel Capacity Study in a short timescale. The role of the specialist provider would fall in to two main areas.
A) The specialist advisor would undertake a current market and future capacity study setting out the likely demand for new hotel accommodation and if demand is evidenced, what types of hotel accommodation may be attracted to Penrith and the surrounding areas.
B) As part of the results of the capacity study, the specialist advisor would provide the Council with a recommended sequence as to which Council buildings and land ownings should be offered to the market initially to meet any likely demand for hotel accommodation.

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Response Deadline 16-10-20 00:00