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Buying Organisation University of Sunderland
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The University of Sunderland is seeking responses from organisations known to have experience and expertise supporting new business start-ups with their initial business planning and early stage development.
The Enterprise Place is a dedicated facility for business start-up within the University of Sunderland. It provides an environment where students and recent graduates of the University, who aspire to create and run their own businesses, can test, develop and refine their ideas and plans.
The chosen supplier/s will cover consultancy services through the provision of advice and guidance for student and graduate pre and early start-up businesses based within The Enterprise Place. This could be on a one-to-one basis or be extended to include the delivery of specific workshops/dissemination sessions. The delivery will be a mix of on site, face to face delivery as well as through virtual platforms such as MS Teams.

The University seeks to engage suppliers for the following consultancy services: -

Lot 1: - Marketing and Sales Support (Advice and Guidance).

Including, but not restricted to, marketing campaign and strategy design/production, market research, branding, copy writing, PR and communications, Search Engine Optimisation and including, but not restricted to, sales training (including telesales), sales coaching, networking and sales strategy.

Lot 1 is a single supplier appointment.

Lot 2: - Social Enterprise (Advice and Guidance).

Including, but not restricted to, legal structures, governance, tax, objectives, regulation, social value and impact, measurement and social return on investment, research, funding and feasibility assessment.

Lot 2 is a single supplier appointment.

Lot 3: - General business advice, planning and financial awareness.

To include: traditional business planning as well as lean start up models such as the Business Model Canvas, an initial diagnosis, on-going appraisal and diagnostic of individual's business needs and also including basic accountancy and finance. Production of forecasts and financial modelling, bookkeeping systems, procedures and apps (such as Quickbooks/Xero), tax and legal registrations required when starting a new business, VAT and PAYE requirements).

Lot 3 is a single supplier appointment.

Lot 4: - Social Media Strategy and support (Advice and Guidance).

To include social media management support and advice across multiple social media platforms. To include, but not limited to:
o Social media strategies and campaigns
o Monitoring social media trends
o Social media advertising
o Tailoring content to the target audience
o Understanding analytics and tracking engagement
o Scheduling tools
o Engagement with specific target audiences

Lot 4 is a single supplier appointment.

Lot 5: - Business Leadership Coaching.

To include: One to one business leadership coaching ...

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Response Deadline 02-10-20 00:00