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The Environment Agency's Hydrometry teams are responsible for assessing the quantity of water in the environment. This includes rivers and streams, groundwater aquifers and lakes. Hydro-acoustic instrumentation can be used to measure water in rivers and streams and in lakes and is a long term on going requirement.
Hydro-acoustic instrumentation is bought and operated by area Hydrometry and Telemetry teams. Technical support, training and purchasing advice is provided by experts in the Water Resources Measurement Unit. This is a long term ongoing requirement.
Hydro-acoustic instruments have been chosen by the Environment Agency as a very accurate and cost effective method of measuring water in the environment. The instruments can be broken down into three broad groups: -
- Mobile profiling instruments - For medium streams to the largest rivers which are moved across river on flotation boat or unmanned 'drone' boat and are used to validate our flow gauging station network, providing a 'one-time' measurement of flow
- Mobile point-velocity instruments for wading measurements in shallow water. These measurements are made at a number of locations across streams and provide a 'one-time' measurement of flow.
- Fixed-deployment profiling instruments, including echo-correlation instruments for medium/large rivers. Fixed to bank/bed and provide a continuous reading of flow

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