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Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

UK Sport operate a number of people development programmes and initiatives aimed at supporting and developing key personnel in the World Class Performance System, from Chief Executives and Chairs to Performance Directors, existing world class coaches and those coaches and practitioners starting on their journey into high performance sport.

These interventions range in length of contact from one off interventions, such as specific types of technical and non-technical coaching support, to multi-year residential development programmes.

For the 2021-2025 Olympic and Paralympic Cycle, UK Sport through a single tendering process are bringing together all Learning Support Roles for development programmes and initiatives throughout the cycle.
This tender process will be made up of four Lots:
1. Lot 1 - Coach Developer
2. Lot 2 - Mentor
3. Lot 3 - Accredited Executive Coach
4. Lot 4 - Team Development Expert

Each of the four Lots will support different audiences. Whilst there may be some overlap, there are enough significant differences between the Lots that Tenderers will be able to distinguish themselves into a specific Lot . Individuals wishing to go through the tender process will have to tender for each Lot separately.
The specific requirement of each assignment will be developed in line with the individual needs of the person or the team receiving the support and in conjunction with the person selected from these Lots. See ITT Specification (page 17) for further details.

Please complete the Selection Questionnaire first. If you have successful completed the Selection Questionnaire form, you will be invited to submit a full tender.

Deadline for the receipt of Selection Questionnaires: 4pm on 13 January 2021
Email to:

Deadline for receipt of tenders: 12pm 3 February 2021
Email to:

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Response Deadline 03-02-21 00:00