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Buying Organisation Tech Nation Group Ltd
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

LawtechUK and the Legal Services Board want to understand how small to medium sized organisations (SMEs) address their legal needs and access legal advice and support. The objective is to identify how lawtech can better support SMEs.
This research should address the following key questions (see section 2 for more detail):
What is the current user journey for SMEs identifying and addressing their legal needs and accessing legal advice and support?
How are SMEs using technology to help address their legal needs?
What are the key pain points for SMEs when obtaining legal advice that lawtech could address?
What are the key opportunities for lawtech within the SME sector?
What can be done to overcome the barriers to adoption/usage of lawtech by the SME sector?
The findings of the research will also inform future LawtechUK and Legal Services Board work aimed at fostering the development of lawtech in the UK.
We are expecting the research to be qualitative, use case studies and result in a final written report, which LawtechUK and the Legal Services Board will be able to make publicly available. Please see section 2 for the exact scope of deliverables and output.
We are happy to respond to questions from tenderers who need further information before submitting their proposals.

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Response Deadline 26-10-20 17:00