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Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

UK Anti-Doping is a non-departmental public body accountable to Parliament through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. UK Anti-Doping is the UK National Anti-Doping Organisation and provides testing services as well as case management, anti-doping intelligence and education services.

UK Anti-Doping seeks to appoint a suitable independent and experienced Internal Auditor to provide the Audit and Risk Committee and Accounting Officer with assurance on the efficiency, economy and effectiveness of policies, practices and controls at UK Anti-Doping. This Contract will be for an initial 3 year term. Tenderers should note that the incumbent contractor provides 44 internal audit days per annum.

The successful tenderer will be required to provide in accordance with relevant UK Institute of Internal Auditors Standards and Guidance and HM Treasury Government Internal Audit Standards:

• A detailed Internal Audit plan & strategy which reflects UK Anti-Doping's risks and priorities;
• Undertake Internal Audit services as agreed with Audit Committee and Accounting Officer in order to provide assurance on the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, in particular in relation to the Statement of Internal Control in the Statutory Accounts;
• Attend Audit and Risk Committee meetings and provide an annual internal audit report;
• Pay particular attention to the effective operation of controls to prevent fraud;
• Undertake such other work as the Audit and Risk Committee may authorise. This will constitute an addition to the scope of services above as included in the pricing schedule under the specific projects heading.

Respondents should address the following areas, and provide examples as evidence wherever possible:

Technical Competency

• Evidence of competency to undertake internal audit function in a public sector grant making body. This should relate to both the experience of the firm overall and key individual members of the audit team.

Audit Approach and Methodology

• Brief description of your overall approach to internal audit
• Extent of your reliance on a risk based approach
• What is your analysis of the major risks facing UK Anti-Doping

Please apply via email to the contact details provided. UK Anti-Doping is not currently working from their physical office space and as such is willing to consider applications from auditors in any UK location with the ability to facilitate remote working.

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Response Deadline 12-02-21 00:00