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Buying Organisation Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority Ltd
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The Palace of Westminster Restoration and Renewal Programme (R&R Programme) is the biggest heritage restoration project ever undertaken in the UK. It offers suppliers, service providers and contractors a unique opportunity to contribute towards saving the seat of parliamentary democracy. The Restoration and Renewal Delivery Authority Ltd (the Delivery Authority) is a company limited by guarantee, established for the purpose of fulfilling those duties set out in s.3(4) of the Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Act 2019. It works to the specifications set by the Parliamentary Works Sponsor Body (the Sponsor Body). The Delivery Authority is in charge of the day-to-day management of contractors and the supply chain and will be the 'Employer' under the Framework Agreement. The Delivery Authority is seeking to establish a multi-supplier Framework Agreement for the provision of intrusive surveys, and associated works and services required to facilitate those surveys, for the R&R Programme. Surveys are to be undertaken in the Palace of Westminster and other buildings outside the Parliamentary Estate which may be used for decant facilities. The Framework Agreement will be awarded in the following Lots: Lot 1: Civil and Structural Surveys Lot 2: Ground Investigation and Geotechnical Surveys Lot 3: Instrumentation and Monitoring Lot 4 Environmental & Ecological Surveys Lot 5: Asbestos Removal Lot 6: Mechanical, Electrical & Public Health Lot 7: Archaeology Lot 8: General Conservation Contractor The scope of these work and services are further detailed in the Pre-Qualification Pack (PQP). The Framework Agreement is being procured by and for the use of the Delivery Authority for the use of the R&R Programme to deliver information for the design and development of the Palace of Westminster and the QE2 Conference Centre refurbishment. Surveys will be coordinated and managed by a Construction Manager engaged by the Delivery Authority. The Framework Agreement may also be used by those Contracting Bodies referred to in VI.3 (Additional Information) below. The Delivery Authority intends to invite 5 Candidates to tender for each Lot and to award 3 places on the Framework Agreement for Lot 1 to 7 and award 2 places on the Framework Agreement for Lot 8. Further information on the lotting strategy and the evaluation methodology are in the PQP.

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Response Deadline 04-05-21 00:00