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Buying Organisation LLW Repository Ltd
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

A regulatory necessity for LLW Repository Ltd (LLWR) is to maintain the capacity and capability to support the implementation and ongoing development of the Environmental Safety Case (ESC).

The objective of LLWR’s ESC is to demonstrate to the Environment Agency (EA) and other stakeholders that it is safe to continue to dispose of waste at the Repository.

LLWR is required by the EA to maintain a “live” ESC. This requirement covers both the implementation of the current safety case on site and also the capability to develop and produce major revisions to the current safety case.

LLWR’s ESC Team is supported by a number of contractors via the current multiple lot ESC Framework Agreement, which enables access to technical experts with the specialist knowledge to support the development of the safety case. A competitive tender is required to ensure continued access to specialist ESC resources.

A detailed description of the Scope is set out in Appendix 4.

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Response Deadline 15-02-21 16:00