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Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The UK is set to reduce emissions to Net Zero by 2050. To do this, and continue to meet energy demand, a wide range of low carbon energy sources are needed. This will likely include contributions from emerging technologies that make use of the deep subsurface onshore, such as energy storage (hydrogen/compressed air energy storage (CAES)/aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES)/methane) and geothermal energy. It may include technologies not currently licensed onshore such as carbon capture and storage (CCS).
This project will identify, via a quick scoping review of published and grey literature, possible environmental impacts associated with emerging onshore low carbon technologies and their use of the subsurface to enable the EA to manage effectively their environmental risks and prevent unintended barriers to their development. It will:
a) Conduct a quick scoping review (QSR) to identify potential environmental impacts and unintended consequences from low carbon energy technologies and their use of the deep subsurface onshore.
b) Summarise and illustrate potential environmental impacts through conceptual source-pathway-receptor diagrams that can be used by the EA to understand and manage environmental risks and policy implications.
c) Identify gaps in scientific knowledge and priorities for further research in this area.

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Response Deadline 04-01-21 17:00