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Buying Organisation National Museums Liverpool
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

NML is seeking to appoint an experienced and creative Consultant Team to progress a package of feasibility studies. The proposed studies are designed to allow NML to take the next step in its journey to developing, evolving and improving its offer within the Liverpool Waterfront.

To fulfil its mission NML has embarked upon an ambitious process of transformation around the waterfront to create an expanded and improved visitor offer with a view to creating a "whole day" experience for visitors and in the current economic and social climate this ambition is more pertinent than ever.

The commissioning of the feasibility studies within this tender is seen as the first step towards the development against three of the core zones:

- The Museum of Liverpool
- Piermaster's Group
- Pilotage and Great Western Railway Buildings

In looking to maximise the use of space it has available, whether re-configuring existing museum space or re-invigorating underused and out of use spaces, NML is looking to not only get more from its estate through enhanced exhibition and commercial offers, but also to offer more back to visitors, staff and the local economy with a more inclusive narrative, improved facilities and new opportunities.

The outcomes of the proposed studies will allow NML to make the informed decisions needed on how to continue to progress on its journey to becoming one of the world's best museum "leagues".

The studies cover a diverse range of buildings with an equally diverse range of current and potential uses - the successful delivery of this commission will be unlocking the full potential of these buildings, considering how they can be developed individually and collectively over a period of time to create the inspiring, enduring and flexible spaces that will allow NML to continue to provide the very best offer.

- The Museum of Liverpool
- The Great Western Railway building
- The Pilotage
- The Piermaster's Group:
- Piermaster's House
- Piermaster's Office
- Mermaid House
- The Cooperage
- The Watchman's Hut

In order to successfully deliver NMLs requirements the study will be as much about engagement and understanding as it will be about the physical spaces that can be created. NML wants to appoint a consultant team that fully integrates itself with NML through understanding the journey that has been taken to date and the aspirations of the stakeholders for the future - NML expects to be as challenged by the process as the consultant team to ensure that a lasting and meaningful outcome is achieved.

The successful outcome of the study will be a plan or plans for developing into design and construction that meet the needs of the various stakeholders. This could take the form of a phased step by step process that allows NML to bring elements into use over a period of time to minimise disruption, gauge the market and maximise benefit.

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Response Deadline 16-09-20 12:00