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Buying Organisation Public Health England
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

Public Health England (PHE) is seeking to purchase hand-held contamination monitors and multi-purpose survey meters. The equipment will be used to perform alpha and beta contamination survey applications and performing low-level survey applications in the outdoor environment. The hand-held monitor and survey meters must consist of the detector (probe) attached to a compatible portable scaler/rate-meter via a connecting cable and meet the following mandatory features.

The probe must:
- Be lightweight (<500 g)
- Be able to operate in outdoor temperatures at least between -10 to +40°C.
- Have alpha and beta-gamma measurement capabilities
- Utilise a ZnS:Ag plastic scintillator to provide maximum detection efficiency.
- Have a uniform response across the active area.

The GM probe must:
- Be lightweight (less than 500 g)
- Be portable, not exceeding dimensions of 350 mm x 50 mm (Length x Diameter).
- Be able to operate in outdoor temperatures ranging between at least -10 to +40 °C.
- Be energy-compensated for a relatively flat H*(10) energy response (within +/- 30% when normalised to 137Cs) over the range of 60 keV to 1.2 MeV.
- An isotropic response.
- Have a response to 137Cs of at least 14 cps/µSv h-1 H*(10).

The hand-held monitor and survey meter must:
- Be compatible with the above probe.
- Be lightweight (less than 200 g) and ergonomically-designed for measurements in the field.
- Be supplied with rubber 'bump' protection to minimise damage during handling in the field.
- Have ingress protection suitable for outdoor use.
- Be portable (hand-held), not exceeding dimensions of 125 x 70 x 70 mm (H x W x L).
- Be able to operate in outdoor temperatures ranging between at least -10 to +40 °C.
- Be designed to work with standard 'off the shelf' standard-size batteries (alkaline and/or rechargeable), providing at least 500 hours of operation (assuming the backlight is off), and provide a battery indication.
- Have various modes of operation, including count-rate (cps) and integrated-counts modes (scaler/timer) with both preset-count and preset-time, as well as a dose-rate mode (µSv/h).
- Have an adjustable High-Voltage (HV) supply over the range of 400 to 1000 volts.
- Have an inbuilt probe library that stores settings for multiple probes, including HV, calibration factor, dead-time correction, and overload threshold.
- A digital numeric display.
- A backlight facility.
- An audible response of count-rate and dose-rate with adjustable alarm thresholds.

The complete instrument 'kit' must be supplied with a robust weatherproof storage/transport case which houses the complete kit of probe, survey-meter, tripod, and accessories.

If you feel that you can meet the above requirements or would like more information, then please contact Aysel Sarzosa (
The closing date and time for any queries is 25 February 2020 at 12:00 pm.

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Response Deadline 25-02-21 00:00