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Buying Organisation NHS Shared Business Services Ltd (NHS SBS)
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Consultancy
Contract Description:

This notice intends to facilitate early engagement with potential Providers to seek the views and opinions of organisations that may be interested in delivering Legal Services and relates only to a pre-procurement Market Engagement Questionnaire (MEQ).
The HCPC are currently developing their Service Specification, contracting process and commercial model for Legal Services and intend to commence a procurement process to award renewed contracts to provide the Service from 1st April 2021. The new Service will be for a period of 4 years, with the option to extend for a further 1 year at the HCPC's discretion. The estimated costs associated with provision of this Service (based on 5 years) are approximately £6m. HCPC intends to open up their pool of on call legal expertise by structuring their requirement into three lots:
Lot 1: Corporate advice
Lot 2: Regulatory advice
Lot 3: FTP case specific advice
More detail on the proposed Service can be found in the draft Service Specification.
The HCPC are seeking to establish what interest there might be in providing such a Service from suitably qualified, capable and competent organisations. The HCPC will not be liable for costs incurred by any interested party in participating in this exercise. Interested parties should note that a response to this notice does not guarantee an automatic invitation to any subsequent formal procurement, which the HCPC will consider in due course. Participation in this Market Engagement activity is not a mandatory requirement for participating in any potential future procurement; however the responses will inform the HCPC with regards to the level of market interest.
Providers wishing to express an interest should submit their completed Market Engagement Questionnaire (MEQ) via EU-Supply no later than 12pm on Tuesday 2nd September 2020.

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Response Deadline 02-09-20 00:00