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Buying Organisation Eden Geothermal Ltd
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

Provision of Radiation Protection Advice services for the drilling and testing of a deep (4,500m) geothermal well in granite. The programme will commence in late February/early March 2021 and is expected to last until the end of August 2021 (nominally 150 days drilling and up to 2-4 weeks well testing).
Since the granite in Cornwall contains elevated levels of radioactive minerals, it is likely that there may be an enhanced risk from NORMS and ionising radiation during drilling and testing. The RPA will be required to assess the radiation issues associated with the working environment and operations to be carried out during drilling and testing the well and to:
--Provide advice on legislative requirements, and assistance with keeping relevant staff up-to-date with these requirements;
--Carry out Radiation Risk Assessments/Evaluations;
--Produce a methodology and approach to monitoring, controlling and minimising anticipated radiation exposure. This will be set out within a 'Radiation Safety Management Plan' or equivalent, which will formalise and underpin the client's approach to radiation protection and radiological safety;
--Develop/design practical processes and procedures to enable implementation of the Radiation Safety Management Plan;
--Produce, and include within the Radiation Safety Management Plan, all written documentation needed to understand, communicate and implement the plan: (i) company policy; (ii) details of key legislation and local rules; (iii) risk assessments and evaluations; (iv) dose estimates and ALARP reports; (v) detailed descriptions of safe working practices and procedures, particularly in relation to controlled and supervised areas; (vi) contingency plans; (vii) technical reports;
--Recommend appropriate personal monitoring/dosimetry and provide staff with training in radiation protection and the use of dosimetry equipment;
--Audit the radiation monitoring and control process at relevant periods during the project;
--Provide upfront and ongoing support and advice (detailed in ITT documents.
The frequency of advisory visits is to be determined and will depend upon the degree of potential radiation hazard likely to be involved.

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Response Deadline 19-01-21 16:00