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Buying Organisation National Physical Laboratory
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The National Physical Laboratory [NPL] requirement is for a custom mobile pumping station/leak detector suitable for use with cryogenic systems. The system should comprise a turbo pump with backing/roughing pump and a leak detector which can be switched in/out of the circuit using electro-mechanical valves. It should be possible monitor and control the system (valves, pressures, status of the turbo pump etc) using an easy-to-use control panel.

1. The system should be able to leak test using He4 and preferably also He3 (but does not need to be calibrated for the latter)
2. The system needs to be fully mobile and should e.g. fit through a normal door.
3. It should be equipped with a full range vacuum gauge mounted behind the test port
4. All valves should be electro-mechanical (not pneumatic) and individually controlled by the user
5. The control panel should clearly indicate the status of the system

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Response Deadline 15-10-20 15:00