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Buying Organisation Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

Notice summary: The supplier must undertake and report on a design study into the development of innovative greenhouse gas removals or greenhouse gas removals enabling technologies that are not associated with afforestation, or habitat restoration.



On 30 July the Prime Minister announced £100 million of funding for research and development into Direct Air Capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide technologies for the UK. As part of this commitment, BEIS is looking to invest up to £70m in DAC and other potential GGR technologies that could be deployed in the UK. This aligns closely with BEIS's wider innovation work to enable the UK to meet its net-zero commitment.

There is still significant uncertainty around many GGR technologies.

1. Royal Society and Royal Academy of Engineering, 2018, Greenhouse Gas Removal. Available from: Details

The GGR Technologies Innovation Competition is to support the development of innovative greenhouse gas removals technologies. It is to support the development of technologies that are not yet commercial rather than supporting technologies that are already mature. Therefore, the technologies to be developed must be at a technology readiness level (TRL) between 4 and 7 at the start of the project. The ultimate objective is to trial the technologies at pilot scale.

The aim of the GGR Technologies Innovation Competition is to identify, support and then develop credible greenhouse gas removals technologies/enabling technologies bringing about a step change in their development. The competition will be split up into two phases with Phase 1 focusing on an initial design study, followed by Phase 2 which will support a pilot demonstration. Only those applicants who are successful in Phase 1 and have completed their design study may enter into Phase 2. A separate application form will be released before the end of the Phase 1 feasibility study, which will be used to assess applicants for the Phase 2 demonstration study.

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Response Deadline 05-02-21 01:30