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Buying Organisation Home Office
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Early Engagement
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

The Home Office is keen to gain valuable provider insight and are seeking views from potential providers on how best to deliver Radiological & Nuclear (RN) Detection service at UK borders.
Please note that this is not a call for competition, neither is it a procurement exercise but an opportunity for the Home Office to better understand the supply market for providers to showcase their ideas.
Border Force is an agency of the Home Office responsible for securing the UK border and for controlling migration at ports and airports across the UK and overseas. One of Border Force's key strategic objectives is to deter and prevent the entry of individuals and goods that would harm the national interest.
BF are interested in understanding the latest capabilities and technologies in the following systems:

1.Fixed Detection Systems for ports of entry (Maritime Ports, Airports, Rail Terminals), to scan vehicles, containers, and passengers.
2.Mobile Detection Systems that provide a flexible, rapid, response capability that can be used as back-up to fixed systems and/or can be used to provide screening capability in other areas (e.g. at smaller maritime ports or air fields).
3.Portable Detection Systems that can be used/deployed where access is limited or difficult (examples could include for example, using to screen smaller aircraft and boats), or where closer inspection is required.
4.Software for RN data interpretation and analysis e.g. sources and their uses / threat posed.

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Response Deadline 12-02-21 00:00