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Buying Organisation The Lake District National Park
Opportunity Type Private Sector
Opportunity Method Contract Opportunity
Notice Type Notice
Nature of Opportunity Works
Contract Description:

1. To supply non-calcareous ex-mill floor flags/new sawn flags to the location described below.
Location Details Length required Palleted or banded Weight limit (per pallet) Notes
Shoulthwaite Gill NY299,180 Top of forest road 500m Palleted 1100kg Unloading on track side location. Hi-Ab or fork lift to be supplied by successful contractor for off loading Forest road not suitable for articulated vehicles.
Flags required on site by 15 February 2021.

2. Absolute Minimum size of the flags is 0.9m x 0.6m and minimum thickness 80mm.
3. The flags are to be delivered to the site specified (please see location map in the supporting documents). Transport delivering flags must have lifting gear to off load flags; otherwise supplier must make alternative arrangement to off load flags.
4. If any pallets/bands are broken and flags cannot be offloaded by supplier any machinery hired to off load flags will be charged to the supplier.
5. The stone should be either worn/natural or treated to appear naturally riven. There should be no unworked cut/sawn edges. If the stone is cut from freshly quarried material one flat face should be treated to appear naturally riven.
6. The flags supplied are to be transported to the work site by helicopter therefore the supplier must ensure the following instructions are carried out and that the quotation supplied takes account of this.
a) The flags are to be supplied on suitable pallets which will not collapse under the weight of stone and will be properly loaded and banded to ensure safe lifting whilst helicopter is in transit.
b) Flags are to be weighed off onto pallets by the supplier prior to delivery. The maximum gross weight of each pallet of flags is not to exceed 1.1 metric tonne and should ideally be between 950kg - 1100kg
c) When loading flags onto pallets the largest flags should be placed on first with any smaller flags on top.

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Response Deadline 08-12-20 00:00